Wednesday, March 02, 2005


You're there.
You're there to make the diference.
You're there to let me breath.
You're there so I can look at you. Touch you. Smell you and see that you're alive.
Get out of there.
The diference annoys me.
Make me sad.
Let me die.
My eyes burn. My fingers too. You stink like a corpse.
I don't endure to look at you anymore.
You're nothing, but make the diference.
You're the only one that I didn't hope to find.
You're the only corpse that still isn't dead.
Don't ask me.
I've forgotten the answers, or maybe, I haven't even learned them to answer.
You make me bleed.
You make me feel sick.
You make me feel like this. Just like you. Like a corpse.
That corpse who burned on the flams of my fingers.
That corpse who doesn't matter anymore.
That one that isn't 'the who', but 'the thing'.
That thing that still smells you.
Still breathes.
Still is happy.
Still annoys.
Still wants to be sad.
Wants to die. That still bleeds.
The one that didn't learn. That doesn't burn anymore.
You're still there.
All of this annoys me.
You annoy me.
You're still there, doing all of this.
But staying there is just more something that you do.
I didn't save you.
I'm sorry.
But corpses don't walk, don't save, don't breathe.
I'm already one of them.
Do you want to unit to me?
I recomend you don't. It hurts. Hurts a lot.
Save me.
I do need help now.
Stamp my blood.
I've figured out that I'm not dead yet.
Take me with you.
Take me to a place where I can be happy, I can breathe.
Where I can look at you. Touch you. And smell you.
Your scent that ressucitates me.
I've figured out that only you can take me away from here.
To cure my disease.
Figured out that only you can stamp my blood and make me live.
Only you can do anything for me.
Only you can love me.
I've figured out that all of this is because I love you.
But keep there.
Now it's just more something that you do.
Being here is just more something that I do.
Don't hide from me.
Don't be afraid.
I know.
I know that you're there.
I know that because I love you.
And loving you is just more something that I do.